venerdì 13 novembre 2015

Ungaretti (English)

In my life I have read poems of all kind, with time my readings reached my soul, poetry got into my blood and a passion for verses was born. So here I am, sitting on my desk, writing with the hope to awake the same feelings in somebody else’s heart.
About Poetry – I
My favorite modern poet is Giuseppe Ungaretti, he is one of my biggest inspirations and is perhaps amongst the greatest of his century. He was one of the few writers who managed to fit both simplicity and complexity in his poetry, he could shape the most sublime feelings into a pair of verses or phrases or even words and yet, he did not lose the ability to extend a lone experience to pages of poetry. A Poet, a Soldier, a Man, Ungaretti told the story of his life through words and pages full of feelings, he did this in a way so every single reader could comprehend the sentiment behind the inspiration; his books are filled with Joy and Love, with Wonders and Nostalgia, his verses are full of Memories and Pain. To write he revives every experience with poetry, as only poetry itself reminds him how much he has changed. “It’s like being/in the autumn/on the trees/the leaves” are verses that take the poet back to his war times; even though this words awake not the same feeling in other language that is not Italian, they can still make you feel the sadness of war, the mournful idea of watching people die by your side, “And maybe only I/know yet/ he lived” said Ungaretti when remembering one of his friends, a soldier who died lonely committing suicide not being able to fit in this world after war. “I illuminate myself/ with immensity” is a short poem called Morning that describes the indescribable feeling of mornings, too few words and yet too hard to explain them.

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